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, Leisure and recreation
, Leisure and recreation
, Leisure and recreation

Knoxbrooke Extras

Are you looking to get even more involved in the community or want to grow your skills to be more independent? 

Knoxbrooke Extras can help you reach your goals.

If you’re keen to do more, we can support you to achieve your goals with Knoxbrooke Extras. Whether you want to get out and about in the community on the weekend or you want to build on your life skills during the evening, Extras can help you.

, Leisure and recreation
, Leisure and recreation
, Leisure and recreation
, Leisure and recreation

Weekend and evening leisure activities

Take part in a range of fun and interesting recreation and leisure activities timetabled on weekends, after hours and during our service holidays.

Extras offers scheduled activities in a small group environment, from bowling, visiting the Melbourne Aquarium, or going to the footy to back your favourite team, so there’s something fun to suit everyone.

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Grow your skills to meet your independence goals

Extras also provides skills development in either a group environment or individual environment to help you achieve your independence goals. We offer a range of courses to help you grow your skills, including: 

  • Independent Living Skills Course (in a simulated home)
  • Study to get your Learners Permit 
  • Cooking for Life course
  • Become a Barista course 
  • 1:1 travel training
  • Woodwork
  • 1:1 In-home personal development such as cooking and money management
, Leisure and recreation


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