COVID-19 Communique No.23

Welcome to the 23rd communique regarding Knoxbrooke’sresponse to COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Knoxbrooke’s COVID-19 Taskforce continues to monitorevents locally and globally and considers all new Federal, State and Local Government announcements. The health and safety of the people we support and our team is front of mind when undertaking such reviews. 

Knoxbrooke’s COVID-19 Taskforce meets as required and met earlier today following the Acting Premier James Merlino’s announcement that a 7-day statewide lockdown will come into effect at 11.59pm today.

Below is the status of all Knoxbrooke services afterincorporating the latest Victorian Government COVID-19advice.

365 in-home support

365 in-home support is exempt and continues to be available with more robust DHHS guidelines for disability services already in place. 

Should you wish to discuss using the 365 support service, please contact Paul McDonald, 365 Services Coordinator on 0499 501 008 or email


Achieve continues but will be delivered through an online format. The Achieve team will be in contact regarding the alternative arrangements. 

Should you wish to discuss Achieve changes, please contact Michael Beavis, Achieve Team Leader on 0475 300 505 or email

Yarra View Garden Centre

Closed until lock-down expires.

Yarra View Nursery & Bushland Flora

Primary production is exempt and continues to operate withinCOVIDsafe guidelines. Any employees who would prefer to take annual leave during this shut-down period, this is available to you.

Knoxbrooke Outsource

Manufacturing is exempt and continues to operate within COVIDsafe guidelines. Any employees who would prefer to take annual leave during this shut-down period, this is available to you.

Ringwood Hub

Closed until lock-down expires. The main line (03) 9758-3666 will be attended to remotely.

Mawarra Day Services

Day service support is exempt and continues to be available with more robust DHHS guidelines for disability services already in place.

Jigsaw Industries

Closed until lock-down expires.

Waratah Gardening

Closed until lock-down expires.

Mawarra Op Shop and Sorting Centre

Closed until lock-down expires.

Knoxbrooke COVID-19 Preparedness

Knoxbrooke has in place a well-prepared COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan. The Emergency Response Plan has been tested on three occasions through different simulations. We have well-drilled protocols in place to ensure the safety of clients, families, carers and team members. WorkSafe attended two Knoxbrooke premises and inspected our COVID-safe plan and was satisfied Knoxbrooke was taking appropriate safety measures. Regardless the COVID-safe plans will be reviewed and updated accordingly.

COVID-19 safety measures

Given the numbers of COVID-19 cases, please be sure to follow the DHHS advice below:

  • Stay at home and get tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19, however mild
  • Practise good hygiene, wash your hands and cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow
  • Observe social distancing by maintaining at least 1.5m from anyone you don’t live with

(Please refer to for further information)

If a client or team member does have symptoms and gets tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting a result, please remember to advise Knoxbrooke via email ( or call/SMS the Knoxbrooke COVID-19 hotline 0475 500 550.

Please re-contact Knoxbrooke once you have a result, positive or negative. For everyone’s safety, it is critical that you regularly communicate any cases of suspected or actual COVID-19.

To date, Knoxbrooke has not had a positive COVID-19 case and the COVID-19 taskforce is well-prepared to respond should this occur.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kristian Dauncey

Group CEO