School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)


Flexible approach to working towards employability.

Always working towards building capacity.

Opportunities to explore personal and social interests.

An ever growing, evolving service.

Built by young adults, for young adults.

What is our School Leaver Service?

A personal and tailored journey

Learn skills that are relevant to you!


Utilizes SLES Funding (NDIS Plan)

Encourage Disability Support Pension (Centrelink)

Myki Card is essential.

Out-of-pocket costs for activities:
– Entrances fees
– Cost of tickets
– Booking expenses
– Running costs
– External services

Out of pocket costs are invoiced to clients at the end of each month.

Estimated costs for each elective are provided.

A week with us

Monday to Wednesday

  • Capacity building at our own personalised space in Bayswater

  • Accessing community partners to support capacity building.

  • Engage with a team dedicated to furthering your individual employment pathway.

Thursday and Friday

  • Engage in meaningful employment.

  • Access social and recreational activities.

  • Participate and grow by joining additional capacity building options.

Applications are ongoing throughout the entire year.

Achieve by Knoxbrooke

Customized option for young adults of school leaver age.

Operating from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday to Wednesday.

Additional capacity building options available on Thursday and Friday.

Operating from dedicated Bayswater site.

Working with community partners such as:

  • Community Gardens
  • Animal Rescue
  • Councils
  • Australian Disability Enterprises