Communique No. 8

Knoxbrooke’s COVID-19 Taskforce continues to monitor events locally and globally and considers all new Federal and State Government announcements. The health and safety of the people we support and our team is front of mind when undertaking such reviews.

Knoxbrooke’s COVID-19 Taskforce met earlier today and advise follows.

Gentle restart of Knoxbrooke services

Following a meeting of the Knoxbrooke Board on Monday, 20 April, Knoxbrooke will commence a careful, gentle restart of services with safety being paramount.

Physical group supports such as Basecamps, Achieve and Mawarra Day Services will be replaced with virtual Zoom videoconferencing with in-home support to be provided where requested. Team members are officially recommencing on Monday, 27 April and will over the next two weeks undertake a range of Zoom trials. You will be contacted and invited to join in Zoom sessions at no-NDIS cost during the trial and at the end of the trial be given the option if you would like to continue with Zoom. We’re all learning and look forward to the Zoom journey with you. We’re excited to be reconnecting and look forward to catching up and hearing the latest news on Zoom. The Zoom sessions will cover a wide range of interesting activities including performing arts, cooking, karaoke and more.

Team members will be available to attend people’s homes to assist in getting Zoom up and running if requested. If ongoing support is requested for future Zoom sessions, this can be provided too.

Another exciting development is all Knoxbrooke social enterprises will recommence in a limited capacity from Monday, 4th May. The social enterprise team has been in contact with many supported employees this past week discussing the restart and we are really looking forward to having supported employees back at work. Safety is a very high priority and to ensure safety under COVID-19, the number of people working each day will be substantially less than before COVID-19 and additional support staff will be onsite ensure that COVID-19 social distancing, hand-washing and other actions are observed to keep us all safe. We can’t wait to get started again.

Office arrangements

Both Knoxbrooke offices (Ringwood and Warragul) will remain closed. You can still call the main line and it will be redirected to Knoxbrooke team members working remotely. Payment of accounts in person is unfortunately no longer possible. Payments can be made through bank transfer, direct debit or cheques/bank cheques mailed.

Knoxbrooke 365 support (in-home respite)

Knoxbrooke 365 continues to be available and has seen significant demand for this wonderful in-home support and family respite. 365 home care workers are available to provide restricted in-home support and are limited to working with no more 5 customers each. 365 staff are provided with hygiene kits and are required to observe Government guidelines having undertaken mandatory online training.

If you currently use Knoxbrooke for Basecamp or Mawarra Day Services, you can expect future in-home support to be provided by these amazing team members in lieu of 365 team members whilst group support is suspended.

If you would like 1:1 in-home support, please email  or call 0419 109 321 if residing in Melbourne’s outer east and or call 0418 311 516 if residing in West Gippsland.

COVID-19 Coronavirus and Knoxbrooke

Please be advised that Knoxbrooke does not have any current cases or suspected reported cases of COVID-19 coronavirus. Should you have flu-like symptoms, please follow the advice of and call the Government COVID-19 HOTLINE on 1800 675 398.

Please also alert Knoxbrooke through either the Knoxbrooke HOTLINE or email below:

HOTLINE:            0475 500 550


For up-to-date information on Knoxbrooke services, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 website:

VALID have produced helpful publications to assist with COVID-19 explanation and has been attached to this communique.

Thank you for your continued support.

Chief Executive Officer

Kristian Dauncey